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The original location of the Detention center is located at No. 118, Weixin Street, Chiayi City.
In 1946, the National Government announced the “Detention Center Regulations", and the detention centers were affiliated with the local courts.
In July 1953, the Chiayi District Court Detention Center was attached to the Taiwan Chiayi Prison.
By 1958, the firm was ordered to be separated from the Chiayi prison and officially set up independently.
In July 1971, The Chiayi District Court Juvenile Detention Center was established, dividing the juvenile.
June 1978, to dredge the crowded people in Chiayi prison, The Ministry of Justice ordered the establishment of the Chiayi Division, Attached to the detention center
In 1980, the court and prosecution office are separated from each other.
The Institute was subordinated to the prosecution office of the Chiayi District Court where it was located and changed its title to "Taiwan Chiayi Detention Center".
In recent years, the economy of Taiwan has developed rapidly, the city has prospered, and the number of criminals has increased. The original prison was not enough to use, and the facilities were outdated, which did not meet the needs of modern detention business and treatment.
In view of this, the Ministry of Justice has instructed the establishment of a new office.
In 1989, the construction site was acquired at the site of the Ludong section of Lucao Section, Lucao Township, Chiayi County.
The new construction project was successfully completed in December 1992, and the new office was officially opened on December 25, 1993.
The new detention center has a land area of 6.6087 hectares, and the inner wall area is 3.4125 hectares. The rest are office buildings and dormitory land.
The building is well-proportioned, solemn and simple, and all buildings have a large space for activities. The cells are single-sided, with ventilation, lighting and safety, so that prisoners can enjoy a comfortable living environment.
The prisoner's capacity in this detention center is 599 males, 59 females, 69 teenagers, a total of 727, and a total of 128 cells.
The prisoner includes: criminal defendant, prisoner sentenced to seven years or less, protected juvenile, juvenile criminal, People under observation, hooligans, and people under custody.
After the opening of the new office, it has become a modern shelter for custody and treatment.
On January 1, 2011, the Agency of corrections of the Ministry of Justice was established. The full title of the firm was changed to the Chiayi Detention Center of the Agency of corrections of the Ministry of Justice.

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