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Services to Inmates' family members

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  • Last updated:2021-08-12
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Service for the people


To serve the people is current government's major policy . To be in service to inmates` family members , relatives and friends , there are significant measures as follows :
We set up a service center to centralize in processing visitation registry , cashier checks , articles sent by inmates` family , and assist on questionnaires . Reception staffs` are capable of speaking in Mandarin and Taiwanese , and with their friendly attitudes and services win a favorable view from all circles .
The first Sunday of every month is set to transact visitation all day to offer a greater convenience to the publics .
Traveling from a distant , having exceptional reasons , even it's over regular visiting hours with a petition for visitation which are all taken into consideration the circumstances for granting an interview .
Not only inmates` spouse , lineal relative , third rank collateral relatives by blood , second rank in-laws are received for visitation , also permitting for an interview that will be taken into consideration of the circumstances if other relatives and friends petition for a visitation .
meeting of phone callFor a better service to defendant's family , besides the reception room's environment is uplifted with a well-ordered acceptance , also installed a central air conditioner , pay phones , electric fans , a drinking fountain , books and newspapers , magazines etc plus assigns a cleaning group for daily maintenance . In addition , to facilitate visitors` convenience on parking , there is a spacious parking lot being drawn up for vehicles .
Granting an interview on phones which is in convenience for the inmates and their family members who are old and feeble , ill , and commute from a distant .
Providing convenience to Inmates` family members on applications for long-range visitation by supporting a public defender and a compulsory defense counsel to obtain the requests of a legal case .
Simplifying on all procedures in petition and application . Such as : Petitioning for an interview , issuing an imprisonment and a specimen seal document , applying for postpone levy and recruit verification which are all being processed promptly .

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