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Rehabilitation and education

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  • Last updated:2021-08-12
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Rehabilitation and education


By conducting a variety of activities for making use of public resources extensively , teachers from neighboring schools are invited to nurture inmates` reading interest , encourage on taking upon writing for purifying their souls , which a reading club comes into existence . Intensifying functions in guidance , experts are invited for education on Law and Order , and psychological consulting and advising once or three times monthly , plus assist in litigation and aiding in straitened circumstance . Rehabilitation and education
In accordance with daily routine schedule , music is broadcasted in every morning , recreational activities are conducted in every workshop individually after work in the afternoon (outdoor activities on Saturdays) , and religious music is broadcasted in evenings beneficial for the physical and psychological health of inmates . To tie in with traditional festivals , visitations on telephone and face to face are held in time for inmates . Speeches , calligraphy , basketball , table tennis , board games , wall newspaper , and singing competitions are performed periodically .
To put rehabilitation and education for short-term sentencing juvenile delinquents into effect , a short-term unitary course is arranged and outstanding teachers are invited to advise on their behaviors and studies .
Incarceration survey is conducted by discipline officers to interview inmates individually for perception on details of inmate's legal case and family background . Group counseling and religious service are performed once or twice every week .

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